Aluminum Works

Our aluminum profile are made of high mechanical strength through good machining.We can produce a lot kinds of aluminium profiles, The surface is including mill finish aluminium profiles(mill finish aluminium profiles), anodized aluminum profile(anodized aluminium profile).

Technal is one of the most prestigious world companies in the advance aluminum systems field so as to produce integrated unique systems, providing the customers with calmness, better living and working conditions, and luxury.

Technal systems have the following advantages over other traditional ones:

  • The design of profile is unique. It uses the insulating double glazed units leading to:
  • A noise level which is half as loud as before.
  • An effective thermal insulation, which means saving no less than 35% on energy bills.

The accessories are very special; they are considered as an integral part of Technal systems. Also, they are of paramount importance in air impermeability and waterproofing through frames. All accessories are not visible since they are fully concealed. The handles have elegant geometrical Shapes that endow Technal profiles with a touch of beauty and magnificence, in addition to their firmness and exact closing.

Technal designs use advanced wheels to facilitate the movement of the leaves that are very weighty due to their holding double glazed units The designs use also gasket that do not allow leakage of water, dirtiness and drying of brushes.

Technal is renowned for its integrated systems produced as a result of vast research work. Its various systems provide creative solutions that respond very well to different wishes and tastes of its customer.

Technal products are continuously tested in well known independent specialized laboratories in order to ensure their unique specifications. The execution of Technal different operations and installations is performed in specialized workshop, highly qualified engineers and technicians.

Here are Categories for Our aluminum Work: