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Steel Metal Doors Factory

Sultanah Steel Metal Doors Factory is an industry leader in steel doors and hollow metal frames with unsurpassed dependability and the most stringent quality standards. The factory has been making quality door and frame products for 33 years and continue to focus on quality, speed to the market and superior customer service.
As an active member in Sultanah the Steel Metal Doors Factory takes pride in the products and services it provides to the ever satisfied customers.


Hollow metal steel doors are made of galvanized steel sheet ( ASTM A526.G90) from 1.2 mm to 2 mm thickness. Doors frames is made of 1.5 mm to 2 mm thickness Our standard steel doors is 45 mm, with polyurethane insulation which is injected into the door under pressure.


The fire rated doors is 1.5 mm to mm thickness the faces of the door is 1.5 mm galvanized steel wrapped around the perimeter of the doors and spot welded to the struts rail and stiles, the fire door cavities are filled with saudi Rockwool 45 mm thick with density of 100 kg pe cubic meter, as approved from UL (U.S.A) guardian fire testing.
As per our standard all the doors and frames are supplied with one coat of primer anti rust paint ( after a complete process of waching the doors and frames with chemicals to get clean without any oil, grease, dust ) also we can provide our client with finished normal paint or powder coating paint for doors and frames.


  1- Hollow metal fire rated doors and frames.
  2- Hollow metal none fire rated doors and frames with polyurethane insulation.
  3- Hollow metal stainless doors with polyurethane insulation.


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